Kettle BUCKWILD is cooking Southwest Kettle Korn


For more information about where we will be next, our products or to buy online go to Southwest Kettle Korn.




Kettle BUCKWILD, a Rich Valley, Virginia company, designs, patents and sells: wildlife feed, hunting and fishing products for the outdoor industry.

The company belongs to and is driven by a dream instilled more than 20 years ago by our creator. After many failed attempts and life mistakes, Kettle BUCKWILD is a company founded on our mighty Creator’s love, forgiveness, faith, hope, and gift of perseverance.

Kettle BUCKWILD is “not” a religious group or organization. Kettle BUCKWILD is about spirituality and relationship. We believe that there is no greater gift than what we have with our Creator and one another. Kettle BUCKWILD’s mission is to help connect people to one another and to connect the part within us all that draws us to nature.

We believe that it is nature that we not only find ourselves, but, most importantly, where we find out Creator, waiting to spend time alone with us all. He is waiting there to love on us, encourage us, inspire us, heal us, forgive us and accept us as we are. There is nothing bigger or better than what he allows us to have through his creation.

All he ask of us is for us to come to him. Kettle BUCKWILD’s desire is to help others experience the peace that passes all understanding, whether it be found in a tree, river, trail, or on a mountain…our Creator is already there waiting…for you and for me.

Our Mission

The goal of Kettle BUCKWILD is to connect people to one another and to the part within us all that draws us to nature. We believe that it is through our experiences in nature that we discover our true selves, and are able to spend time with our creator.

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